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Jack and Tracy really needed a vacation, but everything at their all-inclusive tropical getaway has been a disappointment. It’s rained the entire trip, their social media influence hasn’t translated to real revenue yet, and an inbound nuclear missile might be about to annihilate them and everyone nearby. With the world-- and their relationship-- on the brink of collapse, the bickering couple stares down oblivion together, confronting the illusions that kept them together, and finding hope for their future in the chaos of imminent destruction.


TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT by Michael Ross Albert
Directed by Janelle Cooper
Stage Management Marvin Araneta 
With Luis Fernandes & Cass Van Wyck
Set Design by Pascal Labillois
Lighting Design by Chin Palipane

Two Minutes to Midnight APRIL Cover.png


"TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT" premiered in 2022 at The Assembly Theatre . Cass Van Wyck was nominated for a Dora Award for her portrayal of Tracy in this production. 

"A Damn Entertaining Night"

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