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When a young businesswoman returns to her AirBnB, she finds that her host has been waiting up for her. What starts as a cordial relationship between strangers begins to steadily escalate into a tense and unnerving battle for control. The two women find themselves facing off against each other in a struggle for meaning, connection, and power. 


ANYWHERE by Michael Ross Albert

Directed by David LaFontaine

Stage Management Marvin Araneta 

With Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster & Cass Van Wyck

Costume Design by Lindsay Daggar

Fight Director Jeff Hanson


 "Part mystery, part psychodrama, part class struggle, Anywhere starts at a slow boil; then the heat gets turned up as suspicions, confessions and demands explode"


 "ANYWHERE" premiered in 2018 at The Factory Theatre at the Toronto Fringe Festival and went on to win The Patron's Pick award as well as The Best of Fringe. It also took home Now Magazine's Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Performance awards.

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